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  • What do you see, a landfill or oil field? Mobius sees a domestic resource with tremendous value!
  • It was not running out of stones that led to the end of the stone age – an integrated approach to sustainability.
  • Using brand name tire casings to produce high quality tires for half the price with the same warranty as new!
  • We need domestic jobs, products, resources, and energy, created here in North America, not overseas!

Scrap Tires

Scrap TiresĀ A Global Issue Images of stockpiled tires scattered around the countryside or in vacant lots are familiar to most people....


Tire Manufacturing Combined with Energy & Resource Recovery Both tire remanufacturing and pyrolysis technologies have been around...


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Finding Gold in Scrap Tires

The Problem: 10 Billion scrap tires are stockpiled around the world. They bring the danger of fire, as well as rodent and mosquito habitat and ...


Have Questions or Comments? Mobius Enviro-Solutions Inc. (“Mobius”) is federally incorporated across Canada and is focused...

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