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Approx breakdown of a tire through our pyrolysis process.

The current market place is expanding the need for resources at an exponentially rate which is putting extreme pressure on the rubber and rubber related industries. The Mobius solution represents the most profitable rubber recycling option available with respect to scrap rubber and waste tires. Our technologies are 100% commercial proven that can be seen working in multiple locations – profitably.  Our network of end users spans the globe and Mobius is gearing up to dominate the tire recycling issue around the planet. The Mobius integrated recycling plant will produce the highest quality tires, oils, and carbon blacks at the world most competitive prices with the smallest environmental footprint.

Independently Verified Results

All end-products and chemical compounds (specifically chars, oils and syn-gases) produced by Mobius technologies have been extensively tested, certified and proven by the world’s leading independent laboratories, rubber/chemical product manufacturers and polymer institutes. Our carbon black has fine particle size distribution similar to high quality commercial grade carbon blacks. This Fine particle distribution is highly desirable in carbon black applications as it is the small particle sized products that provides strongest structural strength in end-use applications. Our products have been independently verified by the Smither’s Scientific, Canadian Rubber Testing & Development, and by Akron Rubber Development Laboratories using industry standard methods established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Finding Gold in Scrap Tires

The Problem: 10 Billion scrap tires are stockpiled around the world. They bring the danger of fire, as well as rodent and mosquito habitat and ...


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