Approx 3.5 kgs Per Tire

High quality, refined & pelletized tire pyrolysis carbon black.

One of the main products of the Mobius patented carbonization process is a highly refined, quality carbon black. Our commercial grade carbon black has similar properties to virgin based carbon blacks product is blended to meet existing ASTM specifications which meet a customer’s unique specifications. ASTM carbon is best used as semi-reinforcing black filler in numerous rubber compounds, and as a UV inhibitor in compounding thermoplastics olefins (TPO) and other plastics.

We make our commercial quality carbon blacks to fit a multitude of industrial applications including both natural rubber, styrene-butadiene-rubber (SBR) ethylene propylene diene monomer rubbers (EPDMs), nitriles, polychloroprene and butyl (rubber used in tires).

Traditional carbon black manufacturing requires vast volumes of oil and natural gas feedstocks generating large quantities of emissions to the environment. In contrast our carbon black is created by recovering it from scrap tires and waste rubber products which already contain ASTM carbon black and by doing so we offset large volumes of emissions and recover this valuable resource, good for the planet and good for the bottom line.

Our Carbon Black is the “Green Carbon Solution” to the worldwide scrap tire issue.

Applications for Mobius carbon blacks include:

  • Custom mixers & rubber compounders
  • Molders of rubber boots & mounts
  • Extruders of rubber hoses, gaskets, and belts
  • Rubber roofing material manufacturers
  • Plastic black-film extruders
  • Producers of black-rubber sheeting
  • Makers of rubber belts & hoses
  • Black-rubber tank liner manufacturers
  • moulded industrial rubber
  • tire retread compounds
  • conveyer belts
  • off-the-road compounds

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