Tire Remanufacturing – Bead to Bead Remolding

We produce quality tires at a fraction of the cost of new.

The tire remanufacturing systems is known by some in the industry as “bead to bead remolding”. It essentially is the same process used in making new tires with the key exception being that the tire casing is used (and demonstrably of good quality). A tire casing is a scrap tire with worn tread but an intact core (the steel and polyester belts, sidewall and stainless steel rims). Remanufacturing takes the casing, inspects it, refurbishes it, adds new sidewall and tread rubber then vulcanizes the new rubber to the casing. The remanufactured tire looks like a new tire in every respect. The key to successful sale and distribution of remanufactured tire is the production of a high quality product. The production process utilized by Mobius, which is the same as that used to produce a new tire, ensures that Mobius tires match or exceed the quality of brand name manufacturers such as Goodyear and Dunlop.

Mobius will focus on producing tires that have high profit margins. This means the company’s principal focus will be on light truck tires and all-season tires. Approximately 60% of the tires produced by Mobius will be light truck tires and 40% passenger tires. Mobius will not make a full range of tire sizes, but will focus on manufacturing the most popular sizes for cars and light trucks.

On delivery to the Mobius plant the scrap tires are sorted into those that can be reused and those that that can be reused are separated out and sorted by size and manufacturer. They are then processed by 7 different machines in an 8-step process, which culminates in production of a remanufactured tire. Rubber removed from the tire in preparation for remanufacturing is collected and sold.

The inspected casing is re-used by adding a new sidewall belt and new tread rubber. The finished product is essentially the same as a new tire with the only exception being that the casing is used but demonstrably sound, meaning the remanufactured tire is as safe (and arguably safer) than a brand new tire with an untested casing. Tires can be custom manufactured with private labeling on the sidewall and using any tread design.

Remanufactured tires are sold directly to fleets (e.g. taxi companies & municipal governments) and tire dealers. An internal sales force is responsible for the distribution of the remanufactured tires. There is a dual appeal of remanufactured tires for consumers – price and being an environmentally responsible product. In terms of cost, the price of a Mobius remanufactured tire retails for slightly more than half of a brand name tire, meaning consumers and fleets can save 40% to 50% compared to brand name new tires yet benefit from the same warranty. Using remanufactured tires also helps the environment by reusing an item that has been treated as a waste product since the introduction of the automobile.

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