First of a Kind – Total Energy Integration

Mobius creates more prosperity throughout the supply chain.

Mobius’s flagship projects are now in operation in the Europe and the North America. Both sites are currently processing tires and permitting is now under way for the expansion process. Each location will process in excess of 150 tonnes per day or 55,000 tonnes annually.  While neither tire remanufacturing or tire pyrolysis is a “first-of-its-kind” (as many other vendors claim) as it is being done independently around the globe, Mobius Enviro-Solutions will be the first fully integrated tire manufacturer and pyrolysis recycling process plant builder and operator.

  • The European site boast 8 acres and is fully IPPC permitted oil refining site and former carbon black plant
  • The North American site boast 18 acres and is fully permitted excluding the air emissions permit for storage of 20M gallons of fuel oil on site and currently have 8 million gallons of active tanks.
  • Each site will incorporate a factory testing laboratory to ensure the highest and most stringent quality controls are in place.

Global Expansion

Mobius will work hand in hand with its founding partners of Klean Industries to build and provide a multitude of projects that truly provide the most sustainable solution to the global scrap tire problem. The global demand drivers for sustainable used tire recycling includes several dynamics such as population size, population density, proximity to end users, and standard of living in terms of GDP. Mobius estimates based on current demand for our technology, current resource requirements and the need for green manufacturing methods that if only 10% of the current (not landfill) world’s tire recycling market was to be targeted by Mobius and its partners, it would need to build 60 plants over the next 10 years.

Finding Gold in Scrap Tires

The Problem: 10 Billion scrap tires are stockpiled around the world. They bring the danger of fire, as well as rodent and mosquito habitat and ...


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