Tire Manufacturing Combined with Energy & Resource Recovery

An environmental friendly & highly profitable business model.

Both tire remanufacturing and pyrolysis technologies have been around for decades and have been utilized for cost effective resource utilization and energy savings by many industrial companies around the globe. The products are widely used and their demand is growing exponentially.

Mobius tires are produced using technologically advanced equipment to produce precisely remanufactured tires that are superior in quality and performance over retread tires. Our advanced systems are the predominant method of retreading in Japan by the leading new tire manufacturers and are now widely used by many well-known trucking companies and new tire manufacturers in the United States. By using Mobius tires a fleet will reduce new drive and trailer tire purchases as well as reduce costs through increased performance where conventional retreads are currently being used. As a result, a lower cost-per-mile is realized without sacrificing any reliability, tread wear, or driver acceptance.

The application of pyrolysis and carbonization technologies to scrap tires is not new: there are thousands of patents for thermal tire pyrolysis processing systems. However outside of Japan little commercialization has occurred using tires as a primary feedstock due for the more part by cheap energy and low cost land-filling that for the most part had little restrictions on oil based waste – this then combined with subsidized tire disposal fees led to recyclers collecting the disposal fees and then not caring about the end of life use of tires and in essence profiting regardless of a positive outcome in term of true recycling. However the landscape is now changing and is evident in our higher energy costs and in Europe under the new regulations for producer responsibility landfill bans have now been passed into law for whole or shredded tires, yet 50% of tires generated in the EU still end up in landfill under and engineering exclusion of using tires as a landfill cover or water drainage media. The current end use for scrap tires as a material recovery process is fully saturated and just can not take the shear volume of scrapped tires that are produced annually. Similar condition exist around the planet. In North America and Europe there have been a lot of “first of kind” plant designs and systems have produced inconsistent and lower grade products when compared to that of virgin based materials and have been less marketable at a price point that delivers quick ROI’s. That being said by comparison, our technologies have been in commercial operations for decades and have been deployed and replicated multiple times, unlike vendors in the market place. Mobius technologies have +30 year industrial track record.

Our integrated approach to tire manufacturing and tire pyrolysis recycling system is an environmental superior processing platform that is extremely clean, uses the least amount of energy and resources and is a continuous flow system that produces highly consistent quality end-products. Our plants have an extremely sold track record with proven operations spanning decades of use. As an example of our technologies performance, one of our plants has operated with zero down time over the past 5 year of continuous operation – over 43, 829 hours of non-stop processing (maintained while in operation).

Our pyrolysis process applies heat to either whole of shredded scrap tire feedstock in an inert nitrogen environment causing the tire thermally decomposes and melt down into their original components of carbon black, oil, gas and steel without any burning or combustion of the tire. This patented process is independently tested and proven some of the world’s largest industrial manufacturing companies and have been in commercial operations since the early 1980’s.

The carbon black from our plants is refined and has been used in market applications such as asphalt modification for load zone paving to prevent rutting, rubber manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, tonner production, colorant applications, activated air emissions filtration media for bag houses for removing air born pollutants; industrial wastewater treatment remediation. Our oil is high grade and has a high flash point unlike other vendors and can be further refined to produce limonene, naphthane and other lighter oils. It is also used in combined heat and power application for environmentally friendly power generation.

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