Producing safe, high quality tires & creating domestic jobs.

A Japanese Approach to Integrated Resource Utilization

The process sequence in a Mobius tire recycling center is as follows:

  • Waste tire collection starts at the retail level & are then transported to our plant
  • Scrap tires are then sorted & separated based on quality & sizing
  • Quality casing are then sent off for digital inspection for the remanufacturing process
  • Casing not suitable are sent to the full recovery carbonization/pyrolysis energy process
  • A portion of the casings may be chipped for granulated rubber sales
  • Remaining casing will be processed in whole form & coverted into oil, carbon char & steel and re-enter the industrial sector as green commodities
  • Remaining steel is briquetted & the carbon char is upgraded to carbon black where it is then pelletized & packaged in super sacs

Mobius has long term feedstock relationship in place along with contractual agreements for scrap tire supply. In addition, annually North America discards over 500 million more per year which adds to millions more already stockpiled in waste tire dumps. Currently there are over 10 billion waste tires in stockpiles around the globe – mini oil mines waiting to be tapped. With oil prices now stabilizing and consistently above $50 a barrel the economic incentive is obvious.

An integrated tire recycling solution – tire manufacturing, commodity recovery & clean domestic energy.

Finding Gold in Scrap Tires

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