Approx 3 liters of High Grade Oil Per Tire

Domestic tire diesel is a green alternative to imported cude.

One of the main products of Mobius patented thermal conversion process is high grade oil. The oil produced is clean synthetic oil that contains similar properties to those made from crude oil however with lower sulphur and slightly higher aromatics. This oil is ideal for diesel generators, boilers, turbines and marine diesel fuel oil applications; it’s also perfect as blending oil with biodiesel and or other diesel fuel blends.

Mobius oil has two unique value added properties:

  • it is a sustainable product, created from waste tires & scrap rubber
  • its composition contains the most commercially valuable crude oil fractions or “heart-cuts” (i.e. medium naphtha, distillate and gas oil fractions)

Mobius has numerous established markets for its oil products, including:

  • Refinery sales as a sustainable oil blending alternative to fossil based crude oils
  • Further fractionation of the oil into two products, gasoline & a middle distillate/gas oil fraction which is in high demand by refiners and fuel blenders as sustainable fuel alternatives
  • Lighter oil fraction sales to chemical markets for aromatic & naphthalene products

Mobius oils have been analyzed and characterized by major independent laboratories around the globe including some of the world’s largest oil and chemical producers. The market demand is insatiable and the demand for more sustainable oil products that are non-fossil based is obvious. Around the world many countries have regulated new rules for motor fuel standards which require minimum renewable content for combustion based motor fuels. Mobius oil products meet these new markets standards.

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