Brand name quality tires for half the price - same warranty.

Mobius Manufactures Only High Quality Tires

To ensure high quality is achieved and maintained during the remanufacturing process, Mobius will:

  • use only high quality brand name casings;
  • never use a casing more than once;
  • maintain the highest levels of quality assurance by having each tire spectrographed and balanced after remanufacturing;
  • have random samples of Mobius tires sent to multiple world leading test laboratories every 60 days for quality evaluation; and
  • use only high quality rubber from reputable manufacturers.

Technologies Utilized

Mobius is committed to using only the very latest in remanufacturing technology to ensure the tires produced are of the highest quality. Mobius has carried out a detailed assessment of the various technologies currently on the market (and will continue to review the technologies as they develop). Key to Mobius’ choice of technology is a reduction in the human element of the remanufacturing process, which can sometimes lead to variations in the quality of remanufactured tires, particularly in the inspection and buffing phases. The equipment used by Mobius in these areas in particular will be state of the art and allow no room for human error, and will be of a similar or higher quality to the equipment currently being used by major manufacturers to make new tires.


Research conducted by Mobius found that a key element for consumers in perceiving remanufactured tires as being on a par with new tires is the warranty offered on the tire. if they had similar warranties. Mobius will offer the same, or in some cases, a superior warranty as that offered by Michelin. The complete Mobius Warranty and Owner’s Manual is available upon request. The following is a brief overview of the warranty:

Workmanship & Materials

Mobius passenger and light truck tires, used in normal service on the vehicle on which they were originally fitted and in accordance with the maintenance recommendations and safety warnings contained in the attached owner’s manual, are covered by this limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original usable tread, or six years from date of purchase, whichever comes first. At that time, all warranties, express or implied, expire. Replacement will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions described under “How Replacement Charges are Calculated.”

Treadwear — For Tires with Mileage Warranty Coverage

All Mobius passenger tires are covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty for treadwear. All Mobius tires have mileage coverage as follows:

  • Passenger tires – 100,000 kilometers or 60,000 miles.
  • Light truck tires — 70,000 kilometers or 42,000 miles.

The fact that Mobius will offer a warranty that matches or exceeds that of mainstream tire manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone will be emphasized in the company’s marketing efforts.

Product Liability Insurance

Mobius recognizes the importance of product liability insurance and will carry adequate liability insurance on the tires it manufactures. The North American Tire industry is mature and has sufficient experience in establishing the kinds of liability insurance required, including coverage, premiums and claims management. Our intention is to have a very similar program to new tire manufactures and we will consult with experienced insurance professionals to establish our program, which will include ensuring we have proper disclosure and labeling to support our product line-up.

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